Our Background

Our company started as a tutorial business where we cater students from the different schools in our city. The first to establish the tutorial center was our mentor. Her decades of expertise in molding a child’s learning capability is one that we consider an epitome when it comes to handling and tutoring students. She is now our ¬†guide and directs us in ensuring the quality of the service we offer to our clients.

We were given the opportunity to assume and register the business under our name last year. However, given its establishment since the time from our mentor, our tutorial service has been operating for years. We were grateful to continue the operation of her tutorial services because it has greatly helped students succeed in their academic performance.

Over the years, we have witnessed how our students improved their pace in learning until they excelled and achieved their academic goal. This success of the students was made possible through the guidance, motivation and support of our dear tutors.

We are also a support group that encourages parent-child involvement in the tutoring process. This allows parents to get to know more of their
child’s interest and the path of career they will take in the future. We
aim not just for the success of the student’s academic performance but
as well as their relationship towards their parents.

To ensure the safety of our clients due to the threat of the
pandemic Covid-19, we are transitioning our quality services online.
This allows us to widen our tutorial services nation

Our Expertise

Tutelage Online accepts students from Elementary Level and Toddlers (nursery and kinder students). We first evaluate our students with their learning pace and abilities. We ensure that our tutor is ready to adjust and assist their needs to make the students feel comfortable and confident. In this way, students become more eager to learn, stay motivated, and have fun while learning.

It requires a passionate tutor who has the knowledge and experience in handling kids. We are proud to have a mentor who is generous to share her knowledge and expertise in this aspect. Through her guidance, our tutors have imparted these attitude towards the students they are handling. We do not settle for less. Given the advancement of our technology, we keep on learning and innovating new ways and techniques on how to continually improve our methods of providing quality tutorial services to our clients

Our Tutors

Our tutors are assessed before they are hired in our company. We make sure they have graduated BSED, a right character we need to provide our service: passion in handling kids, flexibility and the right attitude when it comes to adjusting to the pace of learning of our students. As part of our mentoring, we teach our tutors on how to evaluate, assess and understand the process in order for them to provide the kind of support the child needs. We also regularly monitor the activities of our tutors, support system (parents) and the students. In this way, we can provide and ensure the quality of our services towards our clients.